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How is Origami, the paper folding art, known in the US?

I’m an international student and I’m currently writing an admission essay for some US colleges, about my experience of doing origami. Modern origami is not a popular art in my country, and most people have never heard about it. But it seems more pervasive in the US. How popular it is? Do I have to […]

How can the word ” star” be used in a patriotic paper?

I have to write an essay and the theme is patriotic. I have to use words that my teacher assigned and one of them is ” star”. How can I use the word ” star” in my paper? What could I say?

I need a tittle for a research paper?

I have to do a formal essay about obesity, but i have to write my poin t of view.. I think that the reason for this is that people has being forced to drive cars, so it is a huge reson for this issue… please help me with a title…thanks


okay so we had to write an argument essay i have no idea if what i wrote makes any sense.1st paragrpah we stated the idea which mine is teen marrriage2nd we were told to state other point of view3rd and 4th we argue aboout teen marriage5th does this make any sense. please help me […]

Help with a Bibliography paper..?

Just started a new school year and i totally forget how to write papers… can anyone liek gib me a jot of how do i write a bibliography paper about a friend….i have her interest.. hobbies… family background, DoB, Birthplace, Future plans, Favorite places, and Most unforgettable moments… i have to put those together to […]

How do tying your shoes and making a paper airplane link?

I am writing an essay on states of operation and I need help linking these two and finding another.

Is it against the rules to use the same paper twice?

So, I have a paper that is going to be due in my philosophy and my english class. I just recently did the paper for my philosophy and it was basically a persuasive essay, and a really good one. I have quite a bit of other homework to do in other classes, and I was […]

Why is mesopotamia a good riegon amd what would be a good intro if i were to make a paper about it?

i have no clue what to do in this essay so i need your help! pleese answer what you know.

What is the thesis of this paper?

What is the thesis in the essay “Superman and Me”? [external link] …I think the message is that people should not follow stereotypes.

What is the difference between an essay & a research paper?

For a Master Degree course what is the difference please?