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Was the treaty of versailles good but the people in charge of the implementation flawed?

An essay

Do We Need Other People In Order To Under Stand Ourselves?

I need help with my essay questions, this essay requires specific experiences or examples. I am going to use the book Catcher In The Rye because the main character needed people to understand who he was, before he didn’t have anyone and had no idea who he was. Please help me!Do We Need Other People […]


In english we are writeing an essay about who has had an impact on the world, I chose Oprah Winfrey but I don’t know how to start itt! I wanna talk about how she donates money to the poor, gives amazeing advice, and gives people hope from becoming so succsesful after her awful childhood! so […]

Is there a site where i can read essay examples to compare my writing to other people?

[external link] …

What were three effect of the vietnam war on the people and the government of the U.S?

Im writing an essay for history thats the prompt so if someone could help out thank you.

Question to People of Multi-Races…?

I am multi-racial. My dad is Caucasian of English, Irish, and Scottish descent. My mother is multi-racial of English, German, Native American (Cherokee and others), Mexican, and Spanish descent.I am white by my looks, but I have dark hair and eyes. I find it hard to identify myself and I almost feel like an outcast […]

Why are the poorest people in society most likely to have poor health? Sociology Question- Need Extra Help!?

so im doing this exam Q & i’m supposed to answer the question—Why Are The Poorest People In Society Most Likely To Have Poor Health?—- i got a essay plan, but i’d like to get some EXTRA info from actual sociologists or by people who’ve taken the subject already. I am on GCSE level, top […]

Do people hunt whales in China?

I am doing a whaling essay and need help on it Thanks xx

In what ways had the European Union moved toward economic unity? Why have some people opposed this?

Please I need accurate facts to help me with an essay. Thank you everyone for trying.

PEOPLE GOOD AT ENGLISH-I need help writing an Essay?

Hey, I am going overseas with an exchange company, and I need to write an essay for a scholarship saying why I should go.This is the question exactly: An essay of one to two pages stating why you are eligible for the scholarship and why you would be a perfect ambassador for your country once […]