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Does using speech in personal essays get you a better grade?

I don’t use a lot of it!x

Are the tenses of this Personal Challenge Essay correct?

Hi! I’m in English II and I’m supposed to be writing a Personal Challenge essay. This is my introduction paragraph. I’m having a bit of trouble with the tenses of my words. Does it sound okay to y’all? And any other feedback would be greatly appreciated!Thanks!Sitting in the middle of a crowded room, shoulder-to-shoulder with […]

Can someone help with an intro to my personal statement/essays for college applications?

I’m currently writing personal statements and essays for college acceptance next year. The thing is, i’m applying to schools undecided, so i’m having a lot of trouble deciding how to begin my personal statement. If i was sure what i wanted to major in, i think i’d have an idea how to start….for ex. Nursing […]

Can personal pronouns (I, we, us etc) be used in a scientific report?

I am writing a scientific report for my Biology class (the actual task is called a ‘extended experimental investigation’).Now, I know in essays, it’s gramatically correct to avoid using personal pronouns such as I, we, us, etc etc. Could someone tell me if this also the case with scientific reports?Thankyou:)

Help with choosing what to write in my personal essay?

Help with choosing what to write in my personal essay?So the assignment is as follows:Write a personal essay about an experience that doesn’t allow you to look at something the same way again.What can I write about? I was thinking about writeing about this trip my school took to a place called Frost Valley in […]

Here is a rough draft for a homework assignment. The essay is a restaurant review. I know I have some personal?

Restaurant Review Of Longhorn Steak House We ate at the LongHorn in Jacksonville located at the corner of Roosevelt Boulevard and San Juan Avenue. Our dinner night was on a Friday at 7 p.m. and we had an idea the restaurant was going to be very crowded. Our first clue was the parking lot was […]

Beginning a Personal Narrative essay with the ending help.?

I am going to start with the end and end with the ending back basically if that makes sense, but i want to transition to the beginning by like saying 1431 days ago but i want a smoother transition. HELP PLEASE? its a personal narrative thats supposed to be 3-4 pages

Is a Essay Question Different that a Personal Statement for a College Application?

I Already wrote an essay, do i need to write a Personal Statement?

Personal image essay opening paragraph?

I have to write an essay on MY personal image, not personal image in general. But I have no clue what I should put in the first paragraph. I have 1 sentence which describes what personal image is, and then after that I’m completely stuck… any ideas?

Personal statement: my middle name HELP!?

After contemplating for weeks over what I am going to write about for my college essay, I was thinking of writing about my middle name. My middle name is Montgomery. Where I live now, everyone has names which are very mainstream and I used to be embarrassed of my middle name for being so different. […]