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If I were to use the phrase “tout de suite” in an essay, do you think my philosophy teacher would get it?

Here’s the context:”…a blind man would indeed be able to distinguish a globe from a cube if given visual perception tout de suite.”

Philosophy argumentative essay topic?

i have a term paper do for my philosophy class. I have to write and argumentative essay about any philosophical topic except about ethics. can anybody help me get ideas im having a hard time figuring this out!?!

I need an essay for ethics in philosophy?

I need an essay on the ethics of abortion and I also need 3 philosopher’s that agree that use of abortion for birth control is unethical.

Can anyone help me with Philosophy?

So i have an essay to do about Philosophy. It’s my first paper of the semester in college and I enrolled into the class not knowing anything about Philosophy. Well, my first impressions were not so good, because the professor sucks. So I need help for this paper.This is the prompt:Socrates and Sartre both believe […]

Have to write essay on democratic party compare and contrast its philosophy and goals with the teachings of?

compare and contrast its philosophy and goals with the teachings of Scripture. What does the party’s philosophy say about the role of government, about man’s overall goodness or sin, and about man’s rights vs. man’s responsibilities?

Help with philosophy essay question?

Talk about Voltaire’s ‘Candide’ as a criticism of the social ills in the 18TH century Francewhat can I write about?

Examples of Classical Greek philosophy campared to modern philosophy?

I need to write an enormous essay on the comparison and contrast of a philosophy prevalent in ancient Greece to that of a modern-day one. The only idea I´ve come up with is the Plato´s Allegory of the Cave. I´m not too sure about what to compare it with though.Any ideas on what I could […]

Does philosophy mainly utilise convergent or divergent thinking?

[external link] …I am currently at university studying it (2nd year) and would be interested in an answer. I probably would say I’m a convergent thinker myself, as I like logical presentation and flow in the philsophical articles I read and always try to give an definitive answer in my essays.

What did Nietzsche do for philosophy?

Basically I need an essay thesis on why he was a good philosopher? please help!

Should a Philosophy class be mandatory?

I’m working on a paper for my high school English class. It’s a persuasive essay, about a philosophy class being necessary to graduate high school. Unfortunately, I don’t have many statistics to use in its favor. What does Y!A know about the subject? What is your opinion? Can someone link me to a site that […]