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Was panera bread intended for the use of a place for studying?

I’m writing a paper on analytic paper on Panera Bread and one of the questions I am being asked to answer in my essay, that I cannot seem to get a detailed answer enough for, is what use(s) is the space intended for? How do the actual ways people use the space conform or differ […]

Diversity in the work place?

i need to write an essay on diversity in the work placeim almost dont but i need to throw in a few more pointscan you give me two or 3 points on why diversity is important in the work place10 points =)

Most beautiful place in France?

Most beautiful place in France?I need to make a diorama and write an essay on a beautiful famous location in France. NOT INCLUDING THE EIFFEL TOWER. What place do you think is most beautiful? A picture would also be helpful

What is a good opening sentence to start an essay about a place?

Start off with a wondering question: “If there is any place someone could go to in order of escaping the heavy burden of the world… Where would it be?” or something of that nature. The point is start it off with an question(works everytime).

Is it morally wrong to place a mentally handicapped person in jail/prison?

(For an essay)

Place where i can find persuasive essays about life as a samurai?

Do your own homework, research here [external link] …

Why did appeasement in WW2 take place?

okay im not looking for like a whole essay on iti just need a short answer because im kind of confusedand also do you think appeasemnt was a mistake?

Where is the best place on the web to sell short essays and or articles?

Very few websites pay for creative writing. You’ll do better trying to sell articles to print magazines. If a literary magazine accepts a short story, your “payment” is usually one or two copies of the issue with your story. Not exactly a way to pay the rent. It’s also VERY hard to get published, even […]

When and where did the great depression take place appreciated.?

hey, i have to do an essay in the great depression and im really stuck on a couple of questions, ive tried google and other sites but i cant find a straight forward answer.when and where did the great depression take place?what where the effects on society, economy and government?how was the derpression overcome?any help […]

What are some tasks that are carried out by children soldiers while combat is taking place?

I have a 3 page essay due for world history and it is on Child Soldiers. I have a lot of information but I need more.