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“The philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways—the point however is to change it”?

Interpret the statement:”The philosophers have only interpreted the world in various ways—the point however is to change it” (Karl Marx)please help me with this.i have to write an essay and i really need some sugestions.

What does using a clear 12 point font and double spacing the lines mean?

I have to do an essay, and am word processing it and i am new to this.

I am stuck on the last point I must use in my essay, to prove my thesis. Help/suggestions appreciated A LOT?

The statement I was given is:”The outcome of a journey is determinedby the challenges and experiences endured by the individual”I have two points and have written them, but now I am stuck for the third. Please help!

Ive been told i need help. i need some other point of views help?!?

right this may be an essay so bare with me.. when i was 13 my dad had an affair and left. i was a total daddys girl and he was my hero so it hit me really badly and i took a bit of a bad turn, drinking and crying myself to sleep every night.. […]

The battle of gettysburg: Why was it a turning point?

I have to write an essay on why the battle of gettysburg was a turning point. I need 3 reasons why it was. Please help?

PLZZZZZZZZZZZZ help me, got 10 point :D i want ur feeling about spring?

short phrases and sentenses not essay. say most point .sometimes i think i dont have any sense plz answer to me .

My mom doesn’t push me to get exceptional grades but I do to the point of over working myself?

So now that High School has started again, the nights of 2-3 hours of homework come again. My mom can tell im already stressed about the workload coming and said to me “you know, I don’t push you to get perfect grades” Im in all honors classes and ever since my freshmen year, school has […]

Writing in First Person Point of view?

I’m suppose to write as if I were a Medieval Character. I was wondering how I should start the essay, introducing me my character? What I had in mind was “Hello my name _______” But I’ve been told that is a bad writing techniques. Do you have any suggestions?


I know it stated the industrial revolution kinda? but what does that mean and how did it effect the world…. Please answer as an essay kind of format thing… thanks everybody x

How was the Battle of Gettysburg not a major point that ended the Civil War?

Having a Hard time writing an essay for a difficult teacher. Can You please write details about this topic?