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What do you think about my essay! PLESE HELP! 10 points for a Sincere answer (comments+thoughts bout it)?

if you want the 10 points comment about it and show sincerity…and show poof u read it….please be sincere…its supposed to be a reflective essay or something of the sort. What do you think about it? has it got any mistakes (grammar mistakes especially)? thankx a lot! E.Oh, btw, if you find any mistakes, could […]

Need some to write a summary for 3 paragraphs. 10 POINTS!?

Hi I need help summarizing these 3 paragraphs please I need it to write my essay I’m almost done just need these paragraphs summarized.1. The first and most important ingredient to prevent genocide and mass atrocities is political will and leadership — from the president on down. Summoning political will requires acting, not only after […]

Essay help…10 points to the best answer?

I am writing an essay and the topic is Home of the Brave, Land That I Love… I need help thinking of some ideas about what to write…ill give 10 points to the best anwer…thanks!

Help with essay? Please 10 points?

Research the laws and traditions of land ownership in the 1660′s colonial America. Locate information about who could own land, how land was transferred from one person to another (inheritance, buying and selling), and how lad disputes were settled. Prepare a paragraph that lists your main points. If you could help me find some main […]

What would be some supporting points to school uniforms reducing gang violence?

I am creating my thesis for an argumentative essay. Any help would be highly appreciated.

10 points for best answer.what does resources mean?

I’m writing an essay about a wedding party project and why the resources are important. what resources does a wedding party need? are the catering staff a resource?

I need some points for d essay “my expectatios on d education being impardted from my skl” ?

i need to write an essay on this topic in 700 words n hv to submite it tommorow..plzz help me

Please help! I am kind of confused! Ten points!?

for psychology, we have an essay: we have to come up with a situation and say the cause through diff approaches. My situation is that a teenager (19) was almost kidnapped after her house was robbed. A few months later, she goes to a behaviorist psychologist, then a psychoanalyst, then a cognitive psychologist, then a […]

Who wants to volunteer? 10 points immediately?

Who wants to check my essay? Please……. you’ll get 10 pointsjust tell me wht i need to changePlease give me your email addressterribly need helpthnx,,

Essay opinion please…easy points. Can you help?

Here’s the question: Analyze the various steps in a political process (casting a vote), an economic proscess (purchasing a stock) or a social process (getting married). Assume that your aduience watches A LOT of TV. Exlpain how it differs in real life than how it does on TV.I’m not asking for you to write a […]