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Proposal Essay Idea!?

I need ideas for a proposal essay! here is the topic:Proposal essays not only call for change, they offer a plan to achieve that change. Showing the feasibility of the plan is key to converting others to agree with you. Your ultimate goal is to find a win-win situation in which everyone benefits. You must […]

Help with proposal essay… about britney spears?

I’m working on a proposal paper for freshman comp class. Its a total bullshit paper with a random subject we shouted out in class. I started it as a proposal to sell britney spears on ebay and use the profits to stop global warming and various other world causes. i hit a snag after the […]

Any ideas for a proposal essay?

I have to write my final essay so i need a good proposal to argue for, (e.g. more parking at malls) and I need to have a solution too! so any ideas?

What would be a good topic for a Proposal Essay?

what does your school need? Think of something that would be benificial to your school that the students really need and write the proposal to your school about that.

Need help, could a teacher please correct my essay proposal?

Hello, could I please send you my essay proposal and you help me to correct it? thank you so much.

Need help with history essay on SEWARD’S PROPOSAL?

Imagine you are a member of Congress in 1867 and debating William Seward’s proposal for the purchase of Alaska. You are asked to explain how you plan to vote on the proposal. Prepare a speech of 350-500 words explaining either your support for or opposition to the proposal. Thoroughly explain and justify your support for […]

Would using stalking and abuse against women be a good topic to use for a issue proposal argument essay?

I dont know what topic to write about, and I don’t know if this would be a good idea. Do you think so?