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Writing an essay about germany in WWI… how can i find the answer to these questions?

How did they fare in the war? What mistakes were made? If you could go back and advise the nations leaders what would you say? Is there any way they could have won?can you give me a brief overview so that i can figure out what i should research? what would you reccoment me typing […]

Is anyone good at opening essay questions>>?

Is anyone good at opening essay questions>>?how can i start my opening paragraph for comparing the Middle Ages to Ancient Rome?

Need some help with microbiology essay questions?

What are some ways that you can differentiate between the “big for” enteric bacterial infections( i.e. e. coli, campylobacter, shigella, and salmonella)Give me three reasons why most infections dealing with bacteria have really been brought under control, except gonohrrhea and chlamydia.they are kinda like short answer/essay type questions. my teachers says it needs to be […]

I have questions about college?

Hi, I am going to be a senior in high school and I have questions about college. 1. I know that I want to go to a community college, but should I let my guidance counselor know about my intentions in a specific community college?2. The CC I am interested in is on a rolling […]

I need help to answer these two history questions.?

They are for personal info and I have researched them but I would like to know what others would say to answer them. Thank you. Two to three sentences is fine it is just for personal info it doesnt have to be like an essay.List four factors and/or events that contributed to American’s fear of […]

Can i submit the same scholarship essay questions twice?

Last year I applied for a local scholarship and I ended up recieving it. This year they sent me another application with the same essay questions and I didn’t know if it would be ok to submit the same answers as I did last year.

I am writing an essay for school and i need help answering these questions for the book Banner in the sky?

these are the questionshow can i understand who i am and the choices i have made to live a more intenetional and fufilling life?how can i effectively communicate who i am in all my actions, words and deeds?summary:It stands unconquered, the last great summit of the Alps. Only one man has ever dared to approach […]

Help please. Golden Ratio Question(s)?

I have to write an essay about the golden ratio and in the essay i have to answer these question(the ones i cant find).How can the golden ratio be expressed as a proportion?Why is the golden ratio considered golden?How is the golden ratio related to the fibonacci numbers?Give examples where the golden ratio exists in […]

Easy essay questions?~!?

Assignment: Is artistic inspiration more likely to be generated through staying alone or by interacting with others? Ok um I’m plannning to write 4 paragraphs so I just need help with 2 body paragraph. (I can take care of introduction and conclusion).I can think of some ideas but those are too general!Can you think of […]

Questions about the Trojan War? Help?

Was there really a war? Is there proof to support it? Reasons for the war?Information that you doubt the war really happened?Describe on of the battles: Include strategy.Which one had a better navy & fleet of ships? How did the use of the Navy speed up or slow down the war? What was the final […]