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What type of education would Booker T. Washington advocate for his race?

This is for a debate not an essay. Please describe what type of education Booker T. Washington would advocate for his race (African American).

I have to write a counter essay on “one race being smarter than the other through genetics”….asians?

Well my teacher, 2 weeks ago gave me a final He said “based on information from schools and surveys”Do you think in each race, their brains have similiar work methods….The class put in some pro-claims1) Asians are really smart, alot had got in good universities2) Asian gang members, often get good grades in school, and […]

What is a good Space Race topic/question that ties in with the Cold War?

I need to write an essay on something to do with the cold war so I decided to choose the “space race”. I need a good precise topic though or a good essay question that’d narrowed down for me to propose my position.

Where can I find good primary sources for the Space Race?

My history teacher assigned us a project to make our OWN DBQ and everything. DBQS are document based questions and then an essay. I have to find four primary sources on the Space Race that help answer the essay question, was the space race a waste of time for both USSR and US? Can anyone […]

What is evolutionary arms race?

i dont know what to write about evolutionary arms race for my essay please help me !

Need essay help on what it means to be color blind (referring to race)?

This is a definition essay