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Is getting en pointe really a fitness goal?

I’m doing this short essay for Phy Ed. As an outline we have to complete three given sentences. One of the sentences is…**My future fitness goals are……Since all I really do is dance and stetch for fitness I thought I’d finish the sentence with “achieving all three splits and getting en pointe” But are those […]

I really need a thesis statement 4 my essay, details below?

i have to do this essay for a class, i could really use sum help, to get me started. my essay is on the harry potter controversy, and i’m taking the opposing side, so i’m against the series pretty much, any suggestions?

I really need help with my pe essay!?

okay so im supossed to do this pe essay but i dont know what to write about it needs to be five pages long and im in 8th grade!

I really hate my sister.. help?

So I’m a 15 years old girls and I’m gonna be in high school for the first time next year . Where we live you pick majors in high school instead of subjects , and I picked science . I kinda used to suck in maths because I really never tried to understand it and […]

I really need help with this biology essay!?

Explain how the sun is the source of energy for all living things. include all of the following in your essay:Discuss the producer/ consumer relationshipElaborate on the interaction of the light dependent and light independent reactions of photosynthesisplease and thank you!Explain the cyclic relationships between photosynthesis and cellular respiration in the living world (include equations)

I really need help with my romeo and juliet essay .. its about lack of loyalty betwwen the characters?

without specifics we cannot know how to helplist your thesis and the points you wish to make to prove your thesis using direct quotes and explanations.and only then we can help

HELP! Twelfth Night Essay! Really Stuck!?

I have to write and essay on Twefth Night’s comedy techniques. I am really stuck on Act 2/Scene 3/ Line 17. Why is this crude innuendo? It has the ‘shakespeare made easy’ translation on the otherside as ‘here comes the fool indeed!’ But with crude innuendo there has to be two meanings what are they […]

Do we really need God to give us our morals?

Do we really need God to give us our morals? No…Do you disagree? Well, let me provide the evidence necessary to change your opinion.In this essay, I intend to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that our ideas of morality stem not from some Divine Authority, but are merely value judgments based entirely upon the goals […]

I really need help with jamestown essay i have to do 3000 words.?

this is the topic i have to explore..”artifacts found at jamestown tell us about the material conditions of the early europeans including ow they acquired food, what kind of tools and domestic furniture they used, the aliments they suffered and how they were treated, even what they did for recreation.drawing upon correspondence and the laws, […]

Do you really have this much work in college?

I feel like I’m overwhelmed with the amount of homework I have in HS.(I’m taking 3 AP classes)I’m doing around, perhaps 4-5 hours of homework a day. First day of school was four days ago and I already have an interview and essay, several tests, and a bunch of other minor homework.