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What do you think of this theory about religion?

This is a theory I came up with for a short essay in my philosophy class. It is a rough draft so I am not looking for grammatical help, rather I wanted to get peoples opinions on the fallacies I listed.Here is the link: [external link] …

How did Religion affect art and architecture from early Christianity through middle ages and the gothic era?

this it the Essay question for my art Exam, any good answer is GREATLY apprichiated

Forewarning: It’s long. How do you feel about my essay, which indeed deals with religion?

Secular Me~A maxim that represents how I incontrovertibly feel about the contemporary world around us is: religion poisons everything. There is no other evil in this world like religion, which continues to cause so much harm to the minds and well being of men and women about the world. Religion often barges in on the […]

What religion is My Rochester in Jane Eyre?

Hi x I am writing an English essay and I need to know Rochesters philosophical back ground Thank u x

I need a few pointers on how to write an essay about the role of religion in Romantic poetry?

I have been asked to write an essay about the role of religion in Romanticism poetry.I just need a few pointers as to what to do and I can pick it up from there.

What is the Muslim religion?

I am doing an essay and i need help on it. How do muslims live? What is their religion and what do they do in their religion. what do they practice, what do they believe?

What is the role of religion in the novel ‘Night’ by Elie Wiesel?

I have to write an essay : Discuss the role of religion in the novel ‘Night’ by Elie Wiesel.Please help? I also need a thesisThanks

Role of Religion and Human Nature?

I’m trying to start an essay about ancient Greece/Rome. So far I’ve read Thucydides, Herodotus, Sallust, and Livy. I’m thinking that I want to write about something about the role of religion according to different historians…(like how they talk about religion, use religion to explain things, etc…) I still don’t have a solid argument yet […]

Love and religion essay help..should it matter?

im doin a essay on if culture and religion should interfere w/ pure love….can a muslim man and a christian woman have a life together thats accepted by society? how can the kids have a normal life w/ parents of 2 religions. i have points on how it does have a role, but im having […]

If I want to write a essay about religion what can I do with it?

This is kind of a follow-up of my last question, if I want to write an essay studying the beliefs and what I think about said beliefs, can I do anything about it. Meaning, contest’s and/or earning money. I’m weird for a 13 year old, I love writing essay’s and reading about stuff I’m passionate […]