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Is rehoming my dog the right decision?

I am 17. My parents let me get a dog when I was 15. At that time I was a typical angsty teenager. A bit dramatic. The type who thinks, no actually honestly BELIEVES, that they understand and know everything when in all reality they don’t even understand themselves. I was also struggling with depression […]

Is it ethically right for politicians to intrude into homosexuality marriage?

I am writing a 4000 word essay on “Is it ethically right for politicians to intrude into homosexuality marriage”. Do you think this is a good topic to write about? Is it too general? What are your suggestions? How should I rephrase my question?

Does my mom have the right be angry?

I’m 17 and yea for most of my life we’ve always been nice to one another until I started homeschooling 2 years ago, feel behind a year. She for the most part wouldn’t get a tutor UNTIL 7 months ago to help me rush gr 9 then do g10 online. (Fast forward) She wanted to […]

I need to right an essay about an article called feds close their jaws on alleged sharks poaches?

These are the best answer links I know.Check them out and if you still need help feel freeto Email me for help. [external link] – 14 search engines [external link] – any question [external link] – great auto help, diagrams [external link] – everything automotive [external link] [external link] – mechanics [external link] … [external […]

When is the right time to honor our military heros?

I have to right a paper on this question. Any hunches, answer, please write in like-essay format so i can understand

Can someone please look at my college application essay and tell me if im at least on the right track?

My dream is to major in business so that I am able to start my own business some day. I want to start a business so that I can create jobs and help my local community thrive. It appears to me that local businesses are going to be the future of our economy. The days […]

In the book To Kill a Mockingbird how can a person like Atticus teach his children from right and wrong?

It has to be in essay format. Thanks!

Does this look right? Essay?

Can anyone tell me if this is a good essay? I know I made some errors, so could someone help me fix them? My first essay btw.You are hunkered down in a small foxhole, explosions going off in the distance. “Move forward!” a man says; but you tell yourself the oposite. No, you have to […]

Can you copy and paste your persuasive essay onto this answer. I really need an example of how to do it right.?

Please, I won’t actually use it, I just want some guidelines to follow. If you follow through, you will get best answer!

What is the right tense of the verbs in parenthesis?

1. Mike (had turned on) or (turned on) the TV after he (had checked) or (checked) his e-mail.2. The teacher (had been) or (was) impressed after he (had heard) or (heard) her essay.3. After I (had gone) or (went) on vacations to Germany. I (had wanted) or (wanted) to learn German.4. The movie (had already […]