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What is deception and concealment shown in Romeo and Juliet and does Shakespeare approve of it.?

I’m having writers block on this essay thats due tomorrow. The topic is is Deception and Concealment play and important role in Romeo and Juliet. Discuss this theme and determine if Shakespeare approves of concealment and deception. I’m really stuck on the second part… does Shakespeare approve of deception and concealment?

Good vocabulary for comparing romeo and juliet with 2 poems?

For an english essay I have to compare “the passionate shepherd to his love” and “valentine” and “Romeo and Juliet”.Is there any good vocabulary I could use? For example I could say how “cynical” the poet of valentine is towards love.

What can i use for a thesis topic on romeo and juliet?

i have to write a thesis essay thats due sometime this week abd i just got finished with the play and my english teacher told us to get a thesis topic to work with.

Good Quotes for Romeo and Juliet? Flowers and Birds?

I’m writing on essay on Romeo and Juliet.My topic for it is on Flowers and Bird.These are the metaphors I’m using for my 3 body paragraphs.Body paragraph 1: With bareful weeds and precious juiced flowers.[I think it means that romeo and juliet are young loving couples, but being together is deadly, because their families are […]

Character similar to Paris in Romeo and Juliet?

I am doing an essay about the characteristics of Paris, and my hook is going to be a person in a movie, book, etc. that resembles Paris’ predicament – a guy who loves a girl but the girl doesn’t love him in return.

Essay question on Romeo and juliet?

One of the most important themes of Romeo and Juliet is love, portrayed through Romeo and Rosaline, Romeo and Juliet, and Juliet and the this a good thesis statement?

I’m writing an essay on the Nurse from Romeo and Juliet, but I’m not quite sure how to start the introduction?

I think you should approach this one the same as most other essays… Try these intros:- Start with a quotation either from an external source or from the primary text- Decide the general theme of your essay (i/e the thesis) and write a very general intro sentence ABOUT that theme. Afterwords, go a little more […]

I really need help with my romeo and juliet essay .. its about lack of loyalty betwwen the characters?

without specifics we cannot know how to helplist your thesis and the points you wish to make to prove your thesis using direct quotes and explanations.and only then we can help

Title for Romeo and Juliet Essay! HELP! 10 pts!?

I’m doing an essay on how Tybalt and Friar Lawrence’s desires conflict. Tybalt likes fights and trouble whereas the Friar wants peace. I can’t think of any good titles. Please help! 10 pts! Thanks so much in advance!

I need 3 reasons that state how Juliet is more heroic than Romeo?

I’m terribly stumped on the topic my teacher gave me for my essay. I have to come up with 3 arguments supporting that Juliet is more the more heroic character rather than Romeo, with supporting details and quotes from the play. I had 2 thoughts but they don’t necessarily back up the topic, they’re just […]