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What are some books about the Aztecs that mention human sacrifice?

I’m doing a report and I have to write up a 2 page essay. I checked out this book at the library and it’s full of long words are confusing sentences. Any books that seem understandable for a middle school student that talk about human sacrifice?

Why is Prometheus the symbol of sacrifice?

I have to do an essay about this and i needed some ideas…

Im writing an essay on the blue brothers, the topics are courage, sacrifice and humility. I need some ideas?

i appreciate all the help i can get

Biggest sacrifice in The Glass Castle?

I have to write an essay on The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls and it is about sacrifice. So what is the BIGGEST sacrifice Jeannette has to make? Thank you!

How is Desdemona’s murder a sacrifice, in Othello?

Anybody who has read Othello the book and has written any essays that were actually good!