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Can you correct this for me? (2 sentences)?

“Although the American Revolution was a major turning point in history , it wouldn’t have happened had the Colonists been treated fairly. The Revolution was not only the result of patriotism, but distress and oppression on behalf of the British toward the American Colonists”It’s just a part of an essay I half to write for […]

Tell me if these sentences need revision.?

1. When Kate saw the gray worm on the dissection tray.She folded her arms and refused to pick up the scalpel even though she would earn a zero in lab. 2. Citing writer’s block as the reason that she didn’t have her essay, Yao received no sympathy from Mrs. Santos. Who will only accept “breather’s […]

Help.. asap! I need to add transitional sentences to every paragraph of my essay but am confused…?

Can someone give me a good example of a transitional sentence that comes at the END of the paragraph not the beginning?

What are these sentences in Shakespearean English?

Ok, so I have to write an essay in 1st person person point of view about Julius Caesar and it has to be in Shakespearean English. Will you please translate them for me? Thank you!1) After Antony found out about Caesar dying, he ordered me to go talk to the other conspirators.2) Confused, I continued […]

Do you NEED three sentences to make up a paragraph?

When writing a thesis essay?I’m writing the introduction for an essay of mine, and I honestly don’t feel like I need the three sentences (it’d be unnecessary otherwise). Instead, I’m going to have a small introductory sentence, and then my thesis. Bad?”Knowledge can play an extremely important role in literature, as it does in John […]

French sentences. Can you read to see if this is okay?

Elle n’est pas timide. Quand elle a rencontré Thomas pour la première fois, elle a rencontré Thomas seule et ils se sont présentés. Voyez! Elle n’est pas timide! Elle est curieuse parce que Justine toujours essaie découvrir plus d’environ Thomas. Comme Thomas était un garçon silencieux, donc elle a eu être curieuse. Pour exemple, Justine […]

How should I reword these sentences…?

In “Politics”, Orwell argues the defect of contemporary English language concerning the development of vagueness and insincerity throughout written text.and…”Shooting” is a personal essay in which Orwell exposes the political façade of imperialism.

Are these two sentences correct in punctuation?

Do these two sentences have punctuation problems? It’s for a college application essay. They are:This is my thesis: Through my relationship with my father, the example he set for me, and the experience of loosing my father, I progressively have developed spiritual truths which lead to consistent moral values and reform in my life.- This […]

Proofreading & Revisions Needed! What do you think of these two sentences as the start of an essay?

“Great leader. Friendly. Passionate,” the freshman thoughtfully inscribed on the folded sheet of paper before slipping it into my ornate bag of compliments. Slowly unfolding the sheet, I half-anticipated a mediocre compliment such as ‘you’re cool.’ However, to my surprise, the commendations were far from commonplace, even going as far as speaking to my heart […]

ROMEO AND JULIET. Topic sentences about FATE? HELP?

I really need help to think of 3 more topic sentences. FOR ROMEO AND JULIETThe main argument is “Romeo and Juliet are referred to as “star-crossed lovers”. Discuss the role of fate in determining the tragic ending play. I could really use some topic sentences that agree with this statement. Thanks its for an essay.