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What is deception and concealment shown in Romeo and Juliet and does Shakespeare approve of it.?

I’m having writers block on this essay thats due tomorrow. The topic is is Deception and Concealment play and important role in Romeo and Juliet. Discuss this theme and determine if Shakespeare approves of concealment and deception. I’m really stuck on the second part… does Shakespeare approve of deception and concealment?

What would be a good title for an essay about Shakespeare?

Its about his works, his life, contributions to art..

Ideas for an essay (Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare)?

this is the prompt: Consider Brutus’ actions. Is he right to join the conspiracy against Caesar? hat are his reasons? Does he choose to join the conspiracy, or is he tricked by Cassius? How do Cassius’ motivations compare to Brutus’? Are they more noble or less noble?I do not want you to write the whole […]

ALevel Lit help-Did shakespeare live in a patriarchal society? especially the time when ‘King Lear’ was wrote?

A-Level English Literature help? King Lear essay. did women have to obey men at the time? and were they always viewed as loving and virtuous?

Henry V Shakespeare essay question?

No matter how many times I read through the question and try to make sense of it, I just can’t seem to understand what my professor is asking for.Please, read the question and let me know what you think he wants me to write about.Henry V: In the past (even up until World War II) […]

Can someone help me with hamlet by shakespeare?

i need ur help . i dont know how to start. i have to write essay that hamelet is not insane and support from text from Act V. i was wonderring if u can help me check my essay after i write my essay but now iam stuck on how to start can you please […]

English Essay Question : Shakespeare -> Twelve Night?

So for my English 11 Exam, my teacher told the class that the essay question(s) was going to be about the theme of Williams Shakespeare’s Twelve Night…. any ideas on how i could make my essay very good… and tips on essay writing also : )…. i ain’t a good English student (lol)… so i’m […]

What’s a good topic for my Shakespeare essay?

I need to write an essay about Romeo and Juliet and my teacher told me I should just focus on a few specific actions that stand out and raise questions about the character’s motives (“why do they do this?”) and develop an essay from there. The essay should be about 7-10 pages. I could also […]

Othello help (Shakespeare)?

Hey I am writing an essay on Othello and I am writing about the effect of violence on the different characters. I am kind of stuck on Iago, because he just doesn’t seem to care about anything all that much. Does anyone have any suggestions pertaining to Iago and the violence in the play?

Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare?

HI all!in english class we are readiong romeo and juliet and we got an assignment for it.we have to write an essay about how the primary and secondary characters are.heres the promt:Does Shakespeare effectively develope our understanding of the major as well as the secondary characters? how deeply do we understand the motivation of each? […]