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What Do you guys think of this short essay I wrote for English class?

The United States Military has been fighting for the freedom of the United States since the day this nation became an official country, the first fighting force of the U.S. was and is a Military branch called The United States Army. After that the U.S. Navy, and the U.S. Marines Corps were created. The original […]

Has anyone read a short story called “Once more to the lake”?

Is so can you answer these questions,1. After he arrives at the camp, why does white begin to feel as if he is leading two lifes2 in what ways is life at the lake as it was when white was a boy3 how are the boats used on the lake now different from the boats […]

What is the definition of a short essay?

I was wondering what the definition is of a short essay. Do they mean like a paragraph around 6 to 10 sentences? Thank you for your help!

Trouble starting/planning a short essay on Bulgarian Immigration to Australia.?

I know, a pretty random topic. The essay I’m guessing will be around 2 pages in length. And I need to talk about the reasons as to why Bulgarians immigrated to Australia (its a historical essay). I’m just having a bit of trouble stating it off and planning it, having been swamped by tons of […]

Constructive Critisism on my short essay please? ( You don’t need to read the book xD)?

In my opinion, Coach Jamison offered great advice to Philip. “I’m always telling you guys- it’s what sports is all about- a rule is a rule- to get along you have to play along. Know what I’m saying?” (Page 60) I think this is good advice because it is definitely true. If you don’t cooperate, […]

College essay or short answer?

On the online application form for UW-Madison, there is a “statements” section that asks you to write about yourself. It doesn’t give a word count guideline or say “short answer” or “essay” or anything, so what should I assume?

How long is a short essay suposed to be?

I’m writing a short essay and its on five or six different’ city-states. My dad(I’m home schooled) wants one paragraph for each city-state on their religions *gods and *practices. So that would mean I’d be writing or typing in this case five or six paragraphs. Would that actually be a short essay? How short is […]

Did Maya Angelou write any short stories?

I’m doing an essay project on Maya Angelou as a female American author. We need to find short stories written by the author to compare with the short stories of Hemingway and Steinbeck. If anyone knows if she wrote any short stories, can you please provide me with the link when I can print out […]

This is a very short essay: please help me?

Please help me by rating and criticizing this SAT essay from 1-6 with 6 as the highest score. I just wrote it in 24:15 minutes. Thank you in advance.The prompt: Does every achievement bring with it new challenges?Considering that achievements present solutions to existing problems, it is ironic that with every achievement, new problems arise. […]

Could you help correct my spanish essay? (short)?

My family and I went to a restaurant the other day. My dad, my brother and my sister went. First we read the menu. Then the waitress asked us what we would like to drink. I ordered a glass of water. My dad also ordered a glass of water. My sister drank milk and my […]