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Can someone offer me a critique on my essay?

Its an analysis of a film. Its about 1400 words long. I will send it via an email attachment or yahoo’s messaging system but I won’t post it here. I am not asking you to make edits or to spellcheck but rather to read it and give me an overall idea on what I need […]

Can someone grade this soon ?

Hero Unit Essay_____________If someone were going on vacation to Disneyland, when would that person say that his vacation started? Does it begin when they are packing their bags or when they get it the car to leave, or when they arrive at Disneyland? Considering that, how is a hero going on a journey different? Does […]

Can someone help me write this 5 paragraph essay regarding a curfew?

Okay , so the prompt is about whether they should make high school students arrive at an earlier time to their house, (let’ say 8pm on weekdays, 11 pm on weekends) and I have to come up with 3 reasons why i agree of disagree. but i’m having problems on coming up with reasons ( […]

I writing an interview essay on someone who is 20 years older than me. and how there education differs from me?

[whispering] It would probably help if you included your age and perhaps a little something of what you’re looking for.

Can someone build a thesis statement for me?

its a supportive and argumentative essaytopic pregnant womenn in Jamaica should be subjected to mandatory screening to help protect the welfare of newborn

HELP someone whos knows about alot of charities?

We all chose a charity to write a persuasive essay on in my english class, and i just chose somthing random since all the ones ive heard of were gone. but ive forgotten was i chose…. All i remember was it was called world view or something like that? Does that ring a bell to […]

Can someone check if my scholarship essay is good?

Throughout my high school years my mother always nagged me about study, study, study! And being Asian, I thought that is how all Asian parents were, so I never really took her seriously. I thought I could study and do the things that I enjoyed at the same time. As I got older, and the […]

Can someone please edit my essay on diversity?

Being different is the essence of humanity. Therefore it should never be the source of hatred or conflict. The answer to being different is to respect it. There in lies a fundamental principal to peace: respect for diversity. We are all different yet want the same things for each other: to be respected by others. […]

Can someone help me name my essay on how kid should be taught at young ages about racism?

Academic essays are always best titled very clearly and literaly. For example: “Children should be taught about racism” or perhaps “Why children should learn about racism”Magazine and internet articles tend to have more ambiguous titles, like “Should children learn about racism?”, but you should never use a question as a title in an academic paper.

Can someone help me with where to start for this essay ? Or a thesis for me? Thanks?

Try to capture some of the activities, thoughts, insights, questions, ambiguities, or other things that have happened as you have engaged in the writing process throughout this course.( English 101, we are using the peer review process) Be sure to write about yourself, and be candid and honest. Was there any element of transformation or […]