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Proof read my Spanish essay?

Will someone who is fluent in spanish and english please proof my essay? I don’t care if it is bad or stupid I just need it to be grammatically correct for my spanish class. I am not completely done with it but this is some of it. It is a letter to “my host family […]

Can you make sure this is correct in Spanish?

I have a random Spanish essay due tomorrow and nobody can really check over my work, so if you can read over it and point out anything that would be great. Thanks! Going to post essay in three parts.En marzo de 1911, Emiliano Zapata llevó a la sublevación de los campesinos de Morelos a reclamar […]

What effects of the Spanish conquest of Mexico can still be seen today in Mexico?

Trying to write an essay. Just want some ideas from people who know this subject better than me.


Okay so I have to write an essay on Mis amigos. so please help me someone…now! it should be like 20 sentences long. thanks

Who can correct my Spanish essay?

I was recently given a huge essay in my Spanish class but I;m really bad at writing Spanish. I wrote the whole thing in English and then translated it through a free website. I’m positive there are many grammar mistakes and was wondering if anyone could read it over and help me out with the […]

How do you say ‘i want to drive’ in spanish?

I am writing an essay tomorrow using the SUBJUNCTIVE tense, and I need to know how to say ‘I want to drive’ in spanish. If you know please tell me! That would be great!p.s. i know ‘to drive’ is ‘conducir’ but i dont know how to put it in the yo form, subjunctive.

What is Spanish 3 like in high school?

What do you do in the class? Is it like writing paragraphs or essays? Or worksheets and work from the textbook? How advanced is the work? I had a lot of trouble in the beginning of Spanish 2, but I got a little better towards the end. I don’t know if I could handle Spanish […]

Could you help correct my spanish essay? (short)?

My family and I went to a restaurant the other day. My dad, my brother and my sister went. First we read the menu. Then the waitress asked us what we would like to drink. I ordered a glass of water. My dad also ordered a glass of water. My sister drank milk and my […]

Spanish translation? (No online translators please!)?

Can any of you translate the passage below? If you aren’t fluent, please don’t answer. If I wanted an online translator, I could have done it myself. “The next day, I went shopping with my mom at the mall. It was the day after Christmas, so there were a lot of people trying to buy […]

Spanish Help Easy Points?

1. ¿Qué te gusta leer? (3 points) Me gusta leer mucho. Me gusta leer las novelas. Me gusta leer en la biblioteca. Me gusta leer el verano.2. ¿Qué te gusta tocar? (3 points) el volibol la merienda el clarinete el baloncesto3. ¿Cuándo te gusta nadar en el mar? (3 points) en el invierno en la […]