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Does anyone know of a website where I can check statistics of women who stay in abusive relationships?

I have to revise an essay that I wrote for school, and I want to add statistics to the report. I can’t find the statistics that I am looking for. Any ideas?

What is a good title for an essay about woman who stay in abusive relationships?

anything helps. plzz

I am so confused trying to stay in advanced english or drop?

I am currently in year 11 doing advanced. I am 2 last in the class. The highest I have got this year has been 13/20 and 20/30. My lowest has been 10/20. My teacher said I can stay in advanced shed be happy. The only think that bothers me is the amount of writing and […]

What are some tips on how to stay awake? Please help!?

My boyfriend and I are going to see how long we can stay awake for, yes its dumb don’t *****/preach to us about it.But what are some good tips on how to stay awake for a few days?Like reeaaallly good tips And if you’ve stayed up for days at a time,You should share your stories […]

Will this stay with me for the rest of my life if i dont get help? :/?

i know this is long, but any help is reaaallllllly appreciated when i was 13, i was sexually Aloted alot by my older brother. it wasnt exactly rape, but at times he’d lie on top of me and feel mdidnt. dont ask why i never did anything about it, i just felt like everyone would […]

What are some ways to stay awake and focused?

I hae to type a 5 paged Essay due in two days, but todays the only day i can do it…and it’s practically 9:30 and im exhausted. i’m only a freshman in high school so i cant take pills or 5 hour enrgy or stuff like tht. help?

Archetypes in the poem nothing gold can stay?

im so lost and im writing an essay for school on it.Nature’s first green is gold, Her hardest hue to hold. Her early leaf’s a flower; But only so an hour. Then leaf subsides to leaf. So Eden sank to grief, So dawn goes down to day. Nothing gold can stay.What are the archetypes in […]

Ever had to stay late for detention after-school (uk please) ?x?

heeyyy.. have you ever had after school detention? How long was it? what did you have to do – lines, essay writing, etc? I had detention tonight for 2hrs (3.30 til 5.30) and had to write lines, coz i have missed homework, and backchatted my teacher. I know i did wrong and my parents have […]

5 ways to stay awake during a boring movie?

can u guys list a couple of things you guys do to stay awake during a boring movie …you can’t jus fall asleep you have to stay awake (it is for a english essay )thank you =) for ur help =)

Essay tomorrow.. To go to bed now?.. Or to stay up and study more?..?

Big Shakespeare essay to do tomorrow morning..I’ve been studying (non stop) for the past 4 hours.Should i go to bed now (9:05pm) and wake up at 5am to do more studyOr should i stay up till late and wake up at 7am for school?