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Why is National Geographic still tlaking about gil slits in embrios?

Mistakes recapitulate mistakes?human embryos have skin fold that aren’t gills and they aren’t slits… so why are they referred to as gil slitsHaekel made some fraudulent drawings about 150 years ago trying to cliam that embrios went though evolutionary cycles before human birth and was well known then to be a fraud but it didn’t […]

(Male) Just hit 17, can I still grow? Currently 5’6.5″ Crossing fingers for late growth spurt?

I recently turned 17 and I’m a little concerned about my height. I started puberty around 14 or 15 and since then my voice has deepened, my bits and pieces have enlarged, and I’ve gotten hairier. Pretty much everything has developed except, well, my body. Of course I’ve grown some since hitting puberty, but not […]

What effects of the Spanish conquest of Mexico can still be seen today in Mexico?

Trying to write an essay. Just want some ideas from people who know this subject better than me.

I hurt my knee about 2yrs ago and it still hurts!?

About 1 and a half to 2 years ago, I fell down a concrete step and went straight onto my knee cap. I was in so much pain and it was really swollen, I thought I had broken it! Im 1 of those people who think “whats the point in going to the doctors, they […]

I did absolutely HORRIBLE in high school. Will I still be able to get into a well-known school?

I’M SORRY IF THIS IS LONG.I’m admitting and not denying, I did very bad, like mostly 60s and 70s but now, I’m doing a lot better. I’m at a community college and decided to clean up my act which I think colleges are looking for. I joined a club and my academic level is high […]

Should I still “HANG OUT and CHILL” with this GIRL?

A few weeks ago, I met a girl in student residence. We have been meeting for coffee several times lately. She has been inviting me over several times to her place.The other day, she gave me a nice hug and said “you’re a really good friend”The other day, she invited me to her place. She […]

Are there currently any democracies that still have slavery?

Just using this statistic in an English essay

Is there still any hope left for me to be successful in life if I’m struggling through college?

I want to be successful in life and have a college degree and I cannot seem to reach my goals because of this stupid barrier that I suspect that I have and I think I have some type of learning disability like dsylexia or something. I’ve tried all I can to be successful, I got […]

Why does segregation still exist?

I’m writing an essay answering the question above. Segregation still exists today, such as an all African American or all white lunch tables in a high school. However, I need 3 reasons why and I can’t think of 3 unique reasons. I really need help and that would be great if you can even give […]

What are some of the areas of your lives that ancient culture still have influence over today?

I need help with this. Its suppose to be in essay form! I need at least 5 sentence. Can you help me? Make sure you really know the answer. I don”t want a false answer.