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Was panera bread intended for the use of a place for studying?

I’m writing a paper on analytic paper on Panera Bread and one of the questions I am being asked to answer in my essay, that I cannot seem to get a detailed answer enough for, is what use(s) is the space intended for? How do the actual ways people use the space conform or differ […]

How can we learn about our solar system by studying the moons of saturn?

writing an essay..any ideas

If I’m studying, why am I failing?

For my test in AP world history I studied at least 5 hours, in total over like 3 days, and I failed it. I studied for the quiz i had today for an hour last night and all throughout the day and i still only made a 70. what’s up? I have never had a […]

I am a latino freshman and I scored a 1320 in my SAT, is it a decent score (its my first year studying English?

390-Reading480-Math450-Writting8/12 on the essay

This is for anyone who’s studying Economics at degree level.?

I was wondering if you can help me i’m writing an essay about the economist Adam Smith and would appreciate some information if you have any. Particularly regarding the Glasgow Lectures, from his book The theory of Moral sentiments. If you’ve done an essay than i would really appreciate it if you can e-mail me […]

Tips on Studying hard?!?

I really need tips on studying hard. Since I found out that my GCSE’s will be starting next year, I am SO worried and scared. I have faith in myself but very scared.How do I study hard in essays, tests and etc. ?

Help studying for a history exam?

One of the questions I will possibly have to write an essay on is:Explain the way English settlers constructed their labor systems in the Chesapeake from the settlement of Jamestown in 1607 through the seventeenth century. How did these labor systems work and why did they change?I know that in the Chesapeake (I think) there […]

I really have trouble studying?

O.k, my exams are in five days and I haven’t started studying yet! I know it’s really late but I can’t do anything about that now, The subjects I will be tested on are: Article writing, Unfamiliar text, Essay writing, Algerbra, Geometry, Number, Probability, Physics, Chemistry, Spanish, Marketing and Production. I know that it is […]

Is it worth staying up all night studying?

a exam where you gotta write essays and answer a couple of short questions? I mean, i havent studied anything and i got a exam in like 13 hours. Its 9:15pm now. It is really worth staying up all night?

Has anyone taken the AP Biology test? What would you recommend studying? How were the essays?

I know the actual test day was May 10, but our school had scheduling issues, so I take it next Friday, the 21st. Any tips? Thank you very much!