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What do you think of this theory about religion?

This is a theory I came up with for a short essay in my philosophy class. It is a rough draft so I am not looking for grammatical help, rather I wanted to get peoples opinions on the fallacies I listed.Here is the link: [external link] …

PLEASE, how did industrialization PREVENT worldwide communist revolution? (Like Marx theory and all that!)?

I need three solid reasons.Anythingg would help at this point, I have to write an essay on this and googling Marxist theories is NOTT the easiest thing to sift through. so if you kind of know what you’re talking about or better yet if you DO know what you’re talking about, I’d LOVE your input!Thanks!

The best conspiracy theory.?

hi. i am working on a essay for english. i am gonna do with conspiracy theory. so pls help with top 5 conspiracy theory. i already have1. 9/112. moon landing.3. aliensnow help me pick 2 more. pls no JFK, not something more politic.thanks already.

What is the best theory to base an essay on Psychology As A Science?

I have just begun a degree in Social Studies and am struggling with getting started on an assignment in Psychology. Should I approach it from a cognitive, behavioural or socio cultural point of view? Please help

Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond. Need to know the theory and what the thesis of what this book is?

Okay so I kinda read the book. I need to do an essay on this book that’s due in two days. Okay so I need help with what the theory and the thesis of this book is. I mean I have an idea I just need some other peoples views. Please, oh please help me

Theory of knowledge question, To what extent is beauty in the eye of the beholder?

i need to write an essay on this question, but I’m unsure on what perspective to take. I’m also struggling to with the ‘To what extent’ part of the question. Any opinions or thoughts would be appreciated, thanks so much!

Is the Theory of Evolution scientifically credible?

I was surfing the web today when I found this and thought I’d share it with all you Yahoo!A users. I just did a google search under “Evolution Problem”. [external link] …I haven’t read the books quoted in the essay but after reading the essay I’d highly recommend them. They are “Evolution: A Theory in […]

Can someone explain Claude Levi Strauss’s theory on myths based on Structuralism?

I am writing an essay comparing the theorists Mircea Eliade and Claude Levi Strauss on their concept of myths.

HELP WITH ESSAY TOPIC! I need to pic a controversial theory in evolution….?

I need something else besides the controversy with the belief of god vs evolution.I cant think of anything…can someone help? Maybe something on the way a certain trait was developed in controversial in the how some think that trait even came about. ANYTHING HELPS

Help with my essay question.. on the femenist legal theory…?

The question is…With reference to feminist legal theory, discuss the benefits and limitations of using law reform to promote equality between women and men. Provide at least one example to illustrate your case.Does anyone know of an example i can use?