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What do “prejudice to blacks”,”the way socitey treats a black man” and “slavery” have in common for a thesis?

i have to come up with a thesis for my essay due tomorrow about the poor racial relations depicted in “the adventures of huckleberry finn”, and “prejudice to african americans”, “the way people treat Jim”(he is the black man that gets treated poorly) and “slavery” are my subtopics. i cannot think of what these three […]

What is a good thesis for my essay on love?

This is my introduction.”There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved,” quoted by George Sand. Some people could define love as: a passionate affection for another, a feeling of warm personal attachments, a desire. Some even say it makes people emotionally insane, causing us do unbelievable things to extraordinary levels. Love […]

Im writting an essay on the Nazca Lines, i need a good thesis statement any suggestions?

Im writting an essay on the Nazca Lines, i need a good thesis statement any suggestions?

How to NOT write a 3 pronged thesis essay.?

how exactly do you do this?i’v been writing 3 pronged thesis essays my whole life, but my teacher whats us to try to move beyond it

MacBeth (essay) Thesis help. anyone wanting to look over my thesis and give there opinion?

My essay will be based on the gender aspect of Macbeth. the question im answering is what gender is more influential to the outcome of MacBeth?i haven’t worked on a topic sentence yet, but this is my thesis.In the story “MacBeth” by William Shakespeare, woman (commonly regarded to be silent, obedient and respectful) unleash their […]

Which thesis statement should i use for my essay?

in response to william golding’s Thinking as a Hobby 1. The majority of people act differently to the way they think, which eventually leads to impaired communitcation.2. When people act differently to how they think, communication towards a younger audience becomes impaired.3. When thinking is taken up as a hobby, your view of the world […]

Can someone build a thesis statement for me?

its a supportive and argumentative essaytopic pregnant womenn in Jamaica should be subjected to mandatory screening to help protect the welfare of newborn

Help with thesis statement for essay on gall bladder?

hi, i am having trouble determining my thesis statement for an essay.the question is “with reference to relevant structure and function, discuss the development of gall bladder disease, its signs and symptoms”. how do i figure out what would be a suitable thesis statement for this? any ideas?thanks in advance

What can i use for a thesis topic on romeo and juliet?

i have to write a thesis essay thats due sometime this week abd i just got finished with the play and my english teacher told us to get a thesis topic to work with.

Can someone help me with where to start for this essay ? Or a thesis for me? Thanks?

Try to capture some of the activities, thoughts, insights, questions, ambiguities, or other things that have happened as you have engaged in the writing process throughout this course.( English 101, we are using the peer review process) Be sure to write about yourself, and be candid and honest. Was there any element of transformation or […]