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Can I make it into Notre Dame and is there any thing specific I can do to make my application stand out?

I have taken my ACTs twice and have gotten a 30 both times so just below their average. I took the SATs last weekend and am taking the ACTs again this Saturday. I am involved in many activities: 4-H, FFA, Speech, BPA, varsity volleyball, varisty softball, and varsity track. I was the class secretary sophomore […]

Is there a such thing as a backwards dictionary?

What I mean is that with dictionaries, you look up a word then you see the definition. Is there some way i can look up a definition to find a word. Sometimes Im looking for a good word to use in essays and stuff but i have an idea of what I want to say, […]

Is a theme the same thing as a thesis?

I have to introduce a theme into my essay by “establishing a framework that is beyond a simple statement…” (we were given background info so it has to be beyond that) but it sounds a lot like a thesis. Is it the same thing? If not, what is it?

Do sociologist view same sex marriage as not a norm thing?

From a sociologist perspective, do same sex marriage break the chain in what is consider normal in society? Is there a term they used for such beliefs? This is an essay I’m writing, so I would love the help.

What’s the newest thing in Computer technology?

I have an essay to write about the newest thing in computer technology, but I can’t find anything on Google. Now I would easily put Project Natal for Xbox 360, but I think my teach wants something for Computers only. So can someone help me out?

I have an expository essay on ‘stress can be a good thing’ ?

Can I have quotes on stress from famous people like Albert Einstein, Shakespeare etc? Thanks in advance

I need some help, how are you able to write a good essay, the thing is I need it to be breathtaking, help?

Yeah, I know how to bring it down the thing is that I don’t know how to formulate an intense thesis so yeah. Also, I just need to know how to accumulate action upon thrill and excitement of each paragraph to come then it comes down to a crashing conclusion that will leave the reader […]

The weirdest thing that ever happend to me please help need to write an essay ?

What aspect of the essay do you need help writing? Is it that you don’t want to talk about it, or you don’t know what to talk about? Is it that you don’t know how to order the events or talk about them in an organized and entertaining way?

Homework help! What is one thing you would change about our country?

I have to write an explanatory essay on what you think Obama should change in our country. I’m so unaware of all of the economic/governmental issues going on right now, and i admit that. Anyways, because of this, I have no idea what to write about! Please give me some of your ideas and try […]

My MLA format essay requires note cards and bibliography cards. are they the same thing?

i could be wrong but aren’t bibliography cards the ones you write the site info on [author, magazine, title, pages etc.) and note cards have the info on them corresponding to the bib. cardplease help