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Teen moms what do you think your missing out on?

Yes this is an essay for home ec. I need to write about what you wish you would have done diffrently the pros to having a baby whether you regret it or not and why and what you are missing out on…. Strange essay but whatever!

Do you think I have a shot of getting into New York University (NYU) ?

- I have mostly Honors/AP classes (4)- GPA: 91-92%, 3.7-3.8 i think- SAT I of 1240: 530 verbal, 710 math, 580 writing- SAT II of 650 Math II, 590 Physics, 590 HistorySAT II being taken again- lots of clubs such as Physics team, Math Team, DECA, SADD, French Club, National Honor Society, Chemistry Team, etc- […]

What do you think of an immigration reform?

well here’s the thing, lots of people say undocumented immigrants are criminal and that almost all jails are filled with them.what about if the immigration reform only gives legal documents to good immigrants? the ones that do pay taxes and are good citizens and have no criminal record. don’t tell me immigrants don’t pay taxes […]

Do you think this is scary?

its my english essay paper im only year 8 12 years oldset in 1702a little girl parents dead died for their religion she watched them dieruns away hides in graveyardmeets a spirit a boyboy (need a name) ghost pale bright blue eyes glows a bit drips with water cold to touch (drowned to death) she […]

I have an evaluation paper to write and i cant think of a topic. ?

im not allowed to do any research it has to my opinion about somethimg but everything that i thought of does not even get close to be grade able. it has to be four pages and since i did horrible on my last argument essay i have to make this one a great paper. thank […]

Can anybody help me try to think of other essay topics for an Exploratory essay?

I have to write a food related exploratory essay for my college freshman English class. My original topic was “Exploring Sex in Advertising” because we’re supposed to try to relate it to our majors (mine being Public Relations in the school of Journalism, so I didn’t Advertising because it’s in the same school) and I […]

GUN CONTROL do you think it make you more or less safe to have one?

Im writting an essay and would like to know some resons why it is safe or or not to have a gun?

How long do you think I should make this statement?

Essay length? (Do not say brief…)Please provide a brief statement highlighting how you became interested in the University and your proposed area of study. Your response, combined with other expressions of interest such as a campus visit or interview, will be considered by the admission review committee.

What do you think of this piece of writing?

It’s an award winning essay written by Frances Farmer (famous actress) while she was in high school in 1931.”God Dies” No one ever came to me and said, “You’re a fool. There isn’t such a thing as God. Somebody’s been stuffing you.” It wasn’t a murder. I think God just died of old age. And […]

Do you think it’s acceptable to use Wikipedia as a source of information in a ToK essay?

No way, An. No matter what sources you use, writing an essay on Tok without mentioning Tik just isn’t right. They’re a team. I don’t like it when people try to drive a wedge between great duos. It should be banned.