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Illegal Drug Trade; What are the Street prices of commonly traded illegal substances?

I am writing an essay on the global, nationalized and local effects of the drug trade on their respective economies. In order to write an all-encompassing paper i need to know the average prices drugs are traded for on the streets. I already have a lot of specifics on international trade and large scale distribution […]

Describe and analyse how overseas expansion by European states affected global trade and international…cont?

realtions from 1600 to 1715.This is an AP Euroean history essay question. I would like your ideas on it. Please say what facts you would mention in the esaay and how to put it togehter. Thanku!

How did the geographical location of the southern, middle, and New England colonies influence trade?

Also, as a result, did it hinder or help their own economies? I need to write an AP US essay on how geography was a primary factor in shaping the development of the British colonies. Any valid help would be AWESOME. Thanks guys!

Similarities/Differences between European colonization of the New World and interest in Asia’s trade network?

I need to write a short essay for an exam coming up? Does anybody have any answers to this question?

“Free Trade is not always Fair Trade”- Defend this statement using 4 Arguments (and examples)?

I am writing an in-class essay tomorrow, and we are allowed to prepare our essays today. So the topic that I am writing on is: “Free Trade is not always Fair Trade”- Defend this statement using 4 Arguments (and examples) to support your viewpoint. I am having some difficulties coming up with 4 arguments/examples. Any […]

What are som short term effects of the slave trade?

okay, so i have to write this essay telling long term and short term effects of the transatlantic slave trade, i have all of the long terms but i don’t have any short term.HELP!

Question on Gallagher and Robinson’s ‘The Imperialism of Free Trade’.?

Why did Gallagher and Robinson’s 1953 essay ‘The imperialism of free trade’ appear to most historians of empire as strikingly original and persuasive?I am hoping to write my upcoming essay on this topic and wondered if any of you had any thoughts which may broaden my knowledge of the subject matter?Thanks for any help. x

How i write an argumentative essay of 5 to 6 paragraphs with an outline about organ trade ?

it probably would have helped to go to class. you should’ve learned how to do that in there. sigh, basic essay structure!:opening paragraph: last line should be a thesis with three main points that you will elaborate on (in this case, 3 arguments either for or against organ trade, yes?(.Paragraph 2: first point in thesisparagraph […]

Can free trade ever be fare trade? Essay topic, what can I write in it. thnx?

It is a topic which really requires planning.Plan your essay firstIn the first paragraph, discuss what is free trade and what is fare tradeIn the second, write that can it hapeen and if yes why and if no why not?I the 3rd paragraph write some more solid points which you will likely get from www.wikipedia.comIn […]

Why is it important that morals and ethics should be tied with international trade?

The topic to discuss is if morals/ethics should be tied with trade, and I have to write a short essay on it… I want to answer that they should be tied, but I don’t know how to elaborate/explain it further. What are some examples in which I could use (e.g. using water as a commodity, […]