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I need help writing an essay on the Amanda Knox trial. If anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated?

You can find all the facts in the court report, but I must warn you: it is a long read!The court report can be found here: [external link] I can advise you: don’t read the tabloid because they have spread a lot of things that were simply a lie. For example: there were NO bloody […]

Who were Clarence Darrow’s main supporters in the Scopes monkey Trial? and why did they support him?

For us history honors essayhelp please

How could i explain trial by ordeal in my history essay?

(ignore what my essay is about you need not worry :L) ‘.. however religion was involved when it came to trials. for example, trial by ordeal. trial by ordeal was..’ i’m aiming to write about a paragraph on trial by ordeal.. i know what trial by ordeal is, i just don’t know how to put […]

Wrote a Microsoft word document file on free trial, and now the trial has run out. How can I get the text?

Hi, I got a new laptop with a microsoft word trial installed on it. I wrote an essay on that, which I now want, but the trial has run out. I can’t even copy it into Microsoft Works. I can print it, but I want to edit it. What can I do other than buying […]

How to do well at mock trial?

Hello. I’m finishing my freshie year in high school. I’m striving to be a lawyer for mock trial in my junior year but I don’t know what to do to develop debating skills or skills needed for this task. I have written multiple persuasive essays and have been told to join the debate team, but […]

I used a free trial Microsoft office and wrote an important essay on it. Now it says I need to give a product ?

I dnt have enough money to purchase microsoft office so i downloaded a free trial version so that I could complete an important essay. I have now finished but when I went to copy and paste it so that I may send it to my e-mail and print it off at uni but it wouldn’t […]

Why was antonio put on trial in merchant of venice?

This is for an english essay on the merchant of venice and i need to know why antonio was put on trial by shylock. i would read the text, if i could understand it, but i dont know anyhow!Any help is appreciated