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What type of education would Booker T. Washington advocate for his race?

This is for a debate not an essay. Please describe what type of education Booker T. Washington would advocate for his race (African American).

Why do me and other Lebron fans show up after the Lakers lose and type long detailed essays about Kobe Bryant?

Does the Lakers losing automatically mean that Kobe sucks and Lebron is now GOAT? Is that how things work in the section?

Teens that go to keystone highschool homeschooling are we allowed to type our essays?

I just need to know about the essays…are we allowed to type them or not…thanks so much!

Which type of rhetorical device is used in this quote?

I am writing an essay on another piece of literature, and i have to talk about the different types of rhetorical devices are used. Which one is used, if any, in the quote “Depending on how angry we are, we call them greens, enviros, environmental extremists, or environmental wackos”if your wondering the quote was from […]

Is civil law the type of law used in lawsuits?

I’m writing an essay for my English class about my ideal job (lawyer). I don’t want to be involved in criminal law, but lawsuits. Would this be civil law? (Essay is due tomorrow so I need help now)

What type schools am I on track to getting into?

I got a 20 on the plan fresh year, an a 178 on the PSAT soph year (current grade level). My cumulative gpa was 4.3285 weighted (4.1 unweighted) freshman year. My first year soph. gpa is a 4.043 weighted ( 3.6 unweighted). I am an avid soccer player and go to a very rigorous high […]

How do you type up a report or essay on a mac without pages?

okay so i need help ASAP. i have an essay due tommorow and my mom aid she was gonna type it up for me bc my mac just broke and i needed a new harddrive so everything was erased. but she had to go to work so she couldnt. i just got home now and […]

Where can I find someone to type my essay, book or paper? ?

I know some might consider this spam, but please do not. I am in desperate need of an extra form of income. I am offering typed pages for the rate of $5.00 per page. Additionally, I will pay for referrals if they make a purchase through me. I also will do proofreading and grammar corrections […]

What type of society did jesus live in?

doing an essay- comparison of jesus and muhammadlike for muhammad sources says that he was born in “Muhammad faced an absolutely hopeless situation; he was born into a continent of hunger, violence and tribal warfare and with no written code of law, common religion or central government.”or something like that

What type of English projects have you done throughout your educational careers?

Be it college, high schoolFor example: Fractured fairy tale, Persuassive essay etc?What have YOU done?