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For college essays, do we have to follow the rigid rules of a typical essay?

I mean do we have to have an intro, a thesis, body paragraphs, and then a conclusion?

Typical saturday essay in French, help and what can I write about?

Typical saturday essay in French, help and what can I write about?It has to be between 130 and 170 words and has to include opinions, negatives, reflexxive verbs, vouloir, pouvoir and devoir, and i have to use different people. Help?She says we can make bits up but have to pretend its a typical saturday.

What did cowboys do in a typical day in the 1800s?

I was wondering what their typical day consisted of……I mean they don’t farm…and all I seriously know is that they sit on horses and ride around all day….how can you make money off that? Please help me….it’s for an essay10 points ‘fo ‘sho for best answer.

Is Beowulf a typical epic hero?

i need to write an essay about the epic poem Beowulf. the prompt is: ” Use your knowledge of the characteristics o an epic hero to evaluate Beowulf. is Beowulf a typical epic hero? ( hint: at the end of the poem, an age Beowulf battles a dragon. he faces this challenge on his own […]

Does this sound like a typical yahoo answers night for you?

because it sure does for me:7:00 PM history assignment, so naturally i log onto y!a to answer questions9:00 PM should really be getting to the assignment, but i’m hungry, so i’ll eat while i wait for best answer12:00 PM Okay, i’m serious this time, gonna write that first sentence; right after this answer1:00 PM enough […]