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MacBeth (essay) Thesis help. anyone wanting to look over my thesis and give there opinion?

My essay will be based on the gender aspect of Macbeth. the question im answering is what gender is more influential to the outcome of MacBeth?i haven’t worked on a topic sentence yet, but this is my thesis.In the story “MacBeth” by William Shakespeare, woman (commonly regarded to be silent, obedient and respectful) unleash their […]

Twilight haters, what reasons would you give for wanting to abolish twilight from the world?

Yeah. Essay.

Discuss your reasons for wanting to become a Marine Officer?

Applying for the NROTC scholarship, criticism on essay please. When asked why I aspire to become a Marine Officer, I hesitate in fear of peoples’ reactions to my answers. Because I am currently a Future Soldier of the Army Reserve, most people find it strange that I am applying for a Marine Corps scholarship. However, […]

History question about washington and monroe wanting to stay out of european (world affairs)?

here’s the assignment:Washington and Monroe believed the United States should not become involved in European (world) affairs. They believed the United States should try to remain isolated from world affairs. In your essay, address the following:Is it possible for the United States to follow the same policy today? Why or why not? Cite news events […]