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What type of education would Booker T. Washington advocate for his race?

This is for a debate not an essay. Please describe what type of education Booker T. Washington would advocate for his race (African American).

Essay on Washington help?

Im 15 getting an essay test on washington…ive been so swamped with other tests and assignment though that i have not had time to research this question…if anyone can help please let me know.this is the question: Before the American Revolution. George Washington led a comfortable and successful life. Yet well before the Declaration of […]

Washington State Pediatrician Email Address?

I’m doing a career essay in school on being a pediatrician. However, one of our citations has to be a personal interview. The closest pediatricians I know of are about an hour away and I don’t know if they’ll want to do the interview. I’m only 15 so driving myself there is out of the […]

What are the views and values in the novel washington square by henry james. Please help me!?

I have this silly essay to do and i need to talk about what the characters value and how they view people and things.

Can I get into Washington University in St. Louis?

I am ranked 6 in my class of 790. However, my school is sub-mediocre. I have some EC’s but they are not spectacular. I am president of one club, members of some clubs, and active in my church. And, I am ASIAN. My SAT scores are : CR – 690. M: 620. W: 670. And, […]

Can I get into the University of Washington?

What are my chances of getting into the University of Washington-Seattle?*Desired CollegeUniversity Of Washington*Background InformationFirst Generation College StudentAsian MaleWashington State Resident (In-state)*GPA UW/W3.984.33Rank: 7 (top 2%)*AP/Honors Classes Taken/takingJR Year: Chemistry, Literature and CompositionSENIOR Year: Physics, Calculus, Language and CompositionHonors: English 9, Algebra II, Photography*SATs630 Math540 Reading590 Writing (essay:12)1760 Combined Score*EC’s/Awards-Top 5% of Graduating Class-Tennis Varsity […]

What did George Washington did on the whiskey rebellion?

i have an essay and i need help

What are my chances at University of Washington?

Cumulative (freshman, sophomore, junior) GPA: 3.2 (explained below)SAT scores: 760 reading, 690 math, 710 writing (2160 overall)ECs: Debate Club, Key Club, Track, guitar, volunteered at a hospital over the summer.AP: APUSH and AP English in junior year, scored 4 on both exams.AP AmeriGov, AP Literature, AP Calculus, and AP Physics B this year (senior).During freshman […]

Need help with History Essay Question about George Washington as he left presidency?

We are suppose to talk about in the essay, the main issues George Washington notified the US when he was leaving presidency. What could these issues be? I need to be able to use these topics and put them into a formal essay. thanks

Does anyone know about racial intolerance in Washington state in the 1900′s?

All i need is a paragraph on it, if someone could help and give me couple sentences explaining it? thanks! oh and this is for an essay if you need to know. All i learned is that blacks were not allowed in Oregon county when it was first made, but im not sure about Washington, […]