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Anyone know good websites about how the Egyptians made Pyramids?

I have to write an essay about this and i need some sources. Please help!

URGENT: i need some websites for my youth unemployment essay, showing the downsides of the issue and?

the downside of leaving yr 10, and not continuing on with school.oh and it must be australian.thanksxoxo same ideas as websites?

My teacher is making us write essays and turn it in to I was wondering, if we have the same ideas as a website, and write it down, will the website detect it? Because there are only so many ideas in the world of a book! and, if we use a website as a […]

Could you tell me some english-novel/fiction websites?

Could you tell me some english-novel/fiction/essay websites that update everyday and are free to visit ? thx!

Do you know any good websites for sample essays?

HElpAnswer my question, and ill make it my top answer!

Does anyone have good websites about sleep deprivation?

I’m doing an essay on the effects of sleep deprivation and if you could reccomed any good websites, i’d really appreciate it!Thanx!

Do u know any links to websites that describe puppy mills?

the describe puppy mills that don’t seem or sound biased. like many animal rights websites talk horribly about puppy mills. i mean i know these places aren’t good, but if i were to include it in an essay, it would prob sound too biased. so yea, i need websites

Can anyone say any free Hindi Essay Websites?

no idea boss check orkut communities regarding this topic ui m sure u will get an answer bye

What is your opinion on legal age for becoming a social networking websites?

I am writing an argument essay about making it illegal for users under 18 to register for social networks, i.e. Facebook. I insist that the minimum age must be 18, as social sites are full of sex predators and things like that. So I need a couple of counter-points to refute. I’ll really appreciate your […]

What are some good sources (books, articles, websites…) that bash the psychology profession?

I’m doing a research essay on Gilman’s The Yellow Wall-Paper, which is a story about a women who has just had a child. She seems to be fine, but because her husband is a psychologist, he believes she may have post-partem depression, so he admits her to a rest cure. The rest cure ends up […]