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What were five steps that the Germans took beginning with how they changed the culture?

The studies on fascism and The Holocaust relate how the Nazis began a campaign to eliminate the Jews from German society. Explain at least five steps that the Germans took beginning with how they changed the culture.I know nothing about fascism and not too much on The Holocaust. My teacher gave me a study packet […]

How and why were civil rights affected during world war one for both American citizens and immigrants?

i need to do an essay on the this

What were some government jobs in ancient china?

I need to do a essay so what were some government jobs in ancient china for a forgeiner.

Were the colonists justified in declaring their independence? What events led up to the document’s writing?

What was the strongest grievance in the declaration of independence? you can write an essay about it and send it 2 me if you want… ; )

If I were to use the phrase “tout de suite” in an essay, do you think my philosophy teacher would get it?

Here’s the context:”…a blind man would indeed be able to distinguish a globe from a cube if given visual perception tout de suite.”

Why is mesopotamia a good riegon amd what would be a good intro if i were to make a paper about it?

i have no clue what to do in this essay so i need your help! pleese answer what you know.

What were three effect of the vietnam war on the people and the government of the U.S?

Im writing an essay for history thats the prompt so if someone could help out thank you.

Why was Julius Caesar so successful and what were the factors that led to his downfall?

As much information as possible, please. Writing an essay and having a hell of a hard time doing it.

If time travel were possible where would u live in?

and why?(i have to write a 250 word essay) i jus need ideas

Name characters in a great piece of literature that believed themselves ugly but were actually not?

great pieces of literature means something appropriate for an essay in school. like the classic books being read in an english curriculum .also they could be historical figures. anything i could use!i just need some specific examples to put in my paper you know?