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Sir i have got homework to write a essay of cricket match in which rain startes?

Make it like its India vs Pakistan in the 2012 T20 world cup semi final or final. India wins toss and fields first. Couple of quick wickets. Then a 80 run partnership. Some more wickets. Then the tail-enders strike hard to push the score to above 200. Then its India’s turn to bat. A 30-40 […]

Which thesis statement should i use for my essay?

in response to william golding’s Thinking as a Hobby 1. The majority of people act differently to the way they think, which eventually leads to impaired communitcation.2. When people act differently to how they think, communication towards a younger audience becomes impaired.3. When thinking is taken up as a hobby, your view of the world […]

Which university should I apply for?

Please give a short explaination (telling why you recommended that college), too. Your advice on the admissions letter or application essay…. Are you at the university or have you been there, what was your academic experience and do they let you work part-time at their library?-Harvard!-Georgetown!-Duke!-Nova Southeastern-Everglades University-University of Maryland-Uppsala University!-Oxford University!I’m planning to taking […]

Which persuasive essay to write about?

which of the following should i write about that would have tons of info online and give a brief opinion of the one you choose…1.terrorism: its high time to stop that war2. human cloning and family values3. greenhouse affect as a result of deforesting4. pollution is a consistent demolition of the earth5. abortion should be […]

Freewriting is an exercise in which you?

A. revise and polish an essay. B. write whatever your thoughts are in no particular order. C. rewrite an article in a magazine or newspaper. D. write only grammatically correct sentences.

HELP: Which essay title sounds most professional..?

Pick the one that sounds most professional.. or write your own. How we can use technology in order to learn betterHow to use technology in order to learn betterHow can a student use technology to learn better

Sociology essay which is the better topic..?

So I have to write a sociology essay for my sociology of deviance class and I can’t decide which topic to write about here’s what I narrowed it down to: Gamblers, Road Rage, Drug Users/Addicts or the mafia/organized crime syndicates. Which one should I pick which will be the best to get info on to […]

Which subject should i choose for my extended essay?

I’m taking Eng. A1 standard, arabic b higher, chem. higher, physics higher, math standard, and ITGS standard. I’d really appreciate your thoughts

What is your favourite essay and which do you believe to be the best written.?

George Orwell’s “England Your England” on both counts

Can you give me some supporting ideas to my essay topic which is poverty?

If you can give me more than 5 ideas…that would be much appreciated