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Will anyone please help me edit my essay for school?

Yeah, it would be great if you could find any grammar errors, punctuational errors, spelling errors or anything else. Oh, and did I source things right? Opinions all together would be great. Thank you As a child, one might dream of being a princess or a firefighter when they grow up, but sometimes those dreams […]

Will anyone read and help me improve this essay for a college app (it’s not very long)?

It’s for The Common ApplicationI’m only a junior but I’m getting started early. It’s an EXTREMELY rough draft. Prompt: Please briefly elaborate on one of your extracurricular activities or work experiences in the space below (150 words or fewer, 1000 character maximum). Response: One of the best decisions that I have mad in high school […]

Will applying as undecided help my chances of admission?

Here’s the thing: as of now, I know exactly what I want to major in (biopsychology/psychobiology, psychology, or neuroscience depending on what different colleges offer). However, my high school college counselor told me that it is actually BETTER to apply as undecided, because if you apply to a major — neuroscience, for example — the […]

Is it true that if you are good at math you will fail everything else?

Is it true that if you are good at math but bad at programming languages like C++, Java, Flash, and VB along with writing papers and essays you will fail science, engineering, along with business/economics?

Will you do my homework for a piece of gummm?

i have to write a 5 pages long essay on sociological imagination and the classical perspectives sh*t, which is due for tomorrow. and i haven’t even started yet. so.. will you?

Will i have a good chance at getting into my top colleges?

loyola marymount universitydrexel universitylong beach state universitychapman universitydepaul universitymajor: filmACT: 28gpa: unweighted 3.37, weighted 3.51just imagine countless extracurriculars, essays and comm service. that parts definitely in the bag.

Should I use “In this essay, I will talk about…”?

We’re writing an essay in AP World history and my teacher wants us to use “In this essay, I will…” I don’t know, I feel like it sounds like a second grade paper if I used that. How would it look if I used this structure for my thesis on the essay for the AP […]

If I drop a class now (Nov. 1st, 2010) will it effect my pell grant?

I have this unbelievably hard english teacher that I am almost to the point of hating, and I do not hate anyone! I have a full pell grant and I have 12 credit hours (full load). I am not doing well with this teacher so I would like to drop her and retake english next […]

Will I get into SUNY Geneseo?

Do you think I will get into SUNY Geneseo? I have an SAT score of 1350 (680 Reading 670 Math), a 93 unweighted GPA, am in the top 25% of my class, and have taken 4 AP classes. I have a good set of extracurriculars, and submitted a decent essay. What is your opinion?

College Essay: Can I tie my adoption into how I will “enrich the community with my presence”?

adoption at 2.5 yrs old from Russia and speech/physical difficulties I have overcomeor is that a stretch?