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Is there a program where you can delete words out of an essay?

such as a program that i can enter my whole essay and type the words i want highlighted so i can remove them from my essay?

29 words over on college essay?

I have written an essay that I am really proud of. The only problem is I am 29 words over.. I am afraid that taking out any part of my essay would disturb the flow the essay portrays. Is it bad to be that far over? What are some tips for shortening down my essay?

Has anyone ever read the Essay by Mark Twain “Last words by great men” if so please help?

I don’t know what to say for this? I have a journal in school that im doing and i dont know what to say to these questions. And these are my last three questions of it out of all 25 so if you could help that would be great.1.What emotion did you hear in Mark […]

Can I ue these words in an essay prompt?

Words like “shouldn’t, couldn’t, didn’t” or do i have to put ‘should have, did not, could have”. Which one is grammatically correct? My professor will take off points for bad grammar and prouncation.

Can you plz write an essay on “Traditional India” of 550-700 words?

Don’t copy paste it from any famous sites.other sites are allowed.Plz mention the site/place you took it from!

I really need help with jamestown essay i have to do 3000 words.?

this is the topic i have to explore..”artifacts found at jamestown tell us about the material conditions of the early europeans including ow they acquired food, what kind of tools and domestic furniture they used, the aliments they suffered and how they were treated, even what they did for recreation.drawing upon correspondence and the laws, […]

A program to help locate certian words or phrases in a large essay/research paper?

I have this essay that i wrote a while ago, but it is probably over 100 pages and there is a certian phrase that i want to find in that essay but i cannot possible go through all of it, is that a program where i can type in the phrase that i want to […]

I have a french essay to remember of by hear and my memory sucks. its over 200 words. HELP!?

i only know the 1st line i have 2 days to remember it could anyone give me some useful tips? x

I need words for desribing…?

unemployment, lack of money, being poor…those sort of words, for an essay, anything close will talking about the great depression and a paragraph about unemploymentm and i say unemployed way too much.

Is my creative writing essay (600 words) correct? does it have any errors? how can i make it better?

So, my essay’s based around the loose concept of snow. There’s meant to be no narrative/proper story to it and no main character. Very predominately descriptive. Please tell me if I’ve stuck to this criteria and if not what I need to fix. Also tell me about any spelling/grammatical/puctuational errors. Thank you in advance-Snowflakes, as […]