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Diversity in the work place?

i need to write an essay on diversity in the work placeim almost dont but i need to throw in a few more pointscan you give me two or 3 points on why diversity is important in the work place10 points =)

My A Level Essay is currently at a B low, I was wondering if there is….. anything I need to work on?

..,.anything I need to work on? The essay is based on the poem “Mrs Lazarus” by Caroline Ann Duffy, this is an A level standard essay, im also doing this essay according to the Ocr Mark Scheme. P.s My word limit is 2000, I am currently at 1600, tips to cut it down?Here is the […]

Of mice and men course work help!?

i have a corsework due in a few weeks on Of Mice and Men by John Steinback and i really need help in structuring my essay. i know about PEE but if you do have any suggestions, guidlines, pointers etc regarding it please do suggest. my essay question is “How are the themes of loneliness […]


this is my essay. please revise – on lord of the flies novel – role of Piggy. even if you have no read the book, please help me out by checking spelling, grammar, run on sentences, etc. * haven’t done last paragraph yet. ANY advice would help. thank you very much.Although Piggy is seen as […]

Do you work better under pressure?

I’m working on an essay, and although have had months in which to do it I find myself with a week left and a 4000 word deficit. I’m just about managing to laugh about it, because it’s so typical of me. I am totally incapable of working unless there is some serious pressure. Not really […]

In what ways can the ability to write an organized and informative essay help you in your work outside of sc?

job applications, speeches….

Filling out a resume with no work experience?

I’m a student looking for my first part-time job (to work around school hours) and, since it’s my first job, I obviously have no work experience. I wanted to write up a resume to hopefully give employers a sense of what I’m like and to set me apart from other hopeful students, but I’m not […]

I work more efficiently this way?

I don’t habitually do drugs AT ALL, but today I smoked marijuana with some friends before my English class. It seems counterintuitive, but in my *altered* state I suddenly felt very productive and inspired. I got a rare A+ on the quality of my work, and actually enjoyed considering the essay question. Has anyone else […]

What is a creative way to present your work?

like powerpoint, essay, poster, e.t.c? what else?

How true is the American Dream- that if you work hard enough, you can achieve anything?

If you have ever written an essay on this or just want to answer please post comments.