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If I were to use the phrase “tout de suite” in an essay, do you think my philosophy teacher would get it?

Here’s the context:”…a blind man would indeed be able to distinguish a globe from a cube if given visual perception tout de suite.”

Would it be weird if I am a girl and write in a boy’s perspective for a story?

For an English story/essay/thinger ma jigger.Well… yep..

What would be some supporting points to school uniforms reducing gang violence?

I am creating my thesis for an argumentative essay. Any help would be highly appreciated.

How would I structure this essay any ideas?

How can an author create an interesting opening?

Why is mesopotamia a good riegon amd what would be a good intro if i were to make a paper about it?

i have no clue what to do in this essay so i need your help! pleese answer what you know.

How would you discuss the effects of pride and hubris on the greek dramas Oedipus the King, and Antigone?

Im writing an essay for english class cand i need to discuss the topic above, i dont know where to start tho, please help

How would I start a topic sentence?

I’m in honors and to be honest, I don’t have the guts to speak about these problems to my teacher. I have done previous essay where I was able to get a D. ._. Well I need help on how to start one.

What would be a clever title for my essay?

My essay is about the novel The Pearl by John Steinbeck, and it’s explaining how aspects of culture effect the main character’s reaction to his instant wealth (from the large pearl). Can anyone think of a good title for this?

Would the title of an epic poem be underlined or put in quotation marks?

i’m writing a handwritten essay, and i have to mention Homer’s Odyssey. should i put Odyssey in quotation marks or underline it?

I would like some oppinions for two reaserch papers I am writing?

please give your first name location just state not address and age with your answer. the first essay is on whether birth control, plan B and Abortion should be legal. and the second on if big corporations such as walmart should by law change to eco friendly energy sources such as solar power, wind power, […]