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What is the policy for holes in your pants at your school?

im doing an english essay on school rules

How do tying your shoes and making a paper airplane link?

I am writing an essay on states of operation and I need help linking these two and finding another.

What is the best way to eliminate or reduce the usage of the word “I” in your essays?

When I write essays that include a lot of “I”, it makes my essay sound childish and immature. What is the best way to eliminate or reduce the usage of I?I cannot use third person perspective since I am writing personal narratives.

Are you proud of your country essay ideas?

Each person probably has a mixture of pride and shame. Are you proud of the diversity? Proud of free speech? Freedom of religion? Disgusted by the wealth disparity? Poverty? You have to make this personal – about the things YOU find proud or disappointing.

In what ways can the ability to write an organized and informative essay help you in your work outside of sc?

job applications, speeches….

Your opinion on the evil. I mean the evil in Naruto.?

What do you think of them? Like I think Itachi isn’t all evil and some part of him is still good. I don’t think anyone is evil just because, there has to be a reason. So I personally think that all those evil, in Naruto, have a reason. If you would like to point out […]

What is your favourite essay and which do you believe to be the best written.?

George Orwell’s “England Your England” on both counts

Musicians, what is your song writing process?

I am somewhat of an aspiring musician. I have played the piano for many years and my family is almost entirely made up of artists and musically talented people, so I have it in my blood. I’m also a fairly good writer of things like poetry, essays, etc. However I’ve never understood how it is […]

Teen moms what do you think your missing out on?

Yes this is an essay for home ec. I need to write about what you wish you would have done diffrently the pros to having a baby whether you regret it or not and why and what you are missing out on…. Strange essay but whatever!

I’m writing a discursive essay on eating disorders and i need opinions, so what is your opinion on anorexia? ?

i need to know this because i want to get real quotations and include them in my speech/essay to argue my point. Thanks